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A conversational AI platform is software designed to make it easier for organizations to create, train, and deploy conversational self-service tools like chatbots, voice bots, and virtual agents. These platforms empower businesses to build intelligent AI agents capable of natural language conversations at scale.

Key capabilities of conversational AI platforms include:

  • Building omnichannel, multilingual bots to reach a global audience
  • In-platform testing of chatbot intents to identify and fix issues
  • Analyzing and optimizing bot performance through self-learning algorithms
  • Driving conversational commerce to boost revenue

The primary goal of these platforms is to streamline and scale the development of conversational AI solutions, providing businesses with a reliable way to engage customers 24/7 through intelligent, interactive AI agents.


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FAQs of Conversational AI Platform

A conversational AI platform is a software solution that allows businesses to build and deploy intelligent virtual assistants or chatbots that can engage in natural, human-like conversations with customers or employees. These platforms leverage advanced natural language processing and machine learning to power the conversational AI.

Conversational AI offers a more intuitive and engaging way for customers to interact with your brand, get information, or complete tasks. It can handle high volumes of basic inquiries and transactions 24/7, freeing up your human agents to focus on more complex issues. Over time, the AI can also learn and continuously improve the conversation experience.

Key capabilities include natural language understanding, dialogue management, intent classification, entity extraction, text-to-speech, and integrations with back-end systems. The best platforms also provide no-code or low-code tools to design, train, and deploy your virtual agents.

When a user initiates a conversation, the platform’s natural language processing analyzes the text or speech to understand the intent and entities. It then references its knowledge base and decision logic to formulate an appropriate response, which is then delivered back to the user.

More advanced conversational AI platforms leverage machine learning to engage in deeper, more contextual dialogues. They can maintain conversational flow, ask clarifying questions, and even handle tasks that span multiple steps or topics.