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Compensation management software helps organizations plan and administer employee compensation packages. Also known as compensation planning or compensation solutions, this software manages salaries through an administrative dashboard or data visualization, develops merit matrices, and reports on company compensation data. It enables organizations to view and adjust compensation policies, plan employee bonuses and incentives, and recommend pay adjustments.

HR departments commonly implement compensation management systems, allowing managers to develop streamlined compensation strategies for their teams. This ensures equitable employee compensation and optimizes salary budgets.

Compensation management software can be implemented as a standalone solution or as part of an integrated Human Resource Management System (HRMS) & Human Capital Management (HCM) software. Many such systems integrate with performance management software to incorporate employee performance data into compensation decisions. Some compensation management products offered as part of a suite may include capabilities from sales compensation software.

Key Points:

  • Compensation management software aids in planning and administering employee compensation packages.
  • It manages salaries, develops merit matrices, and reports on compensation data.
  • Enables organizations to adjust compensation policies, plan bonuses/incentives, and recommend pay adjustments.
  • Ensures equitable employee compensation and optimizes salary budgets.
  • Can be standalone or integrated with HRMS, HCM, and performance management software.
  • May include capabilities from sales compensation software when part of a suite.


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FAQs of Compensation Management Software

It’s a program that helps companies plan, analyze, and administer employee pay and compensation processes like salary increases, bonuses, incentives, etc.

The software allows modeling different compensation scenarios – like budget impacts of pay raises or bonus adjustments. It forecasts total compensation costs.

Yes, compensation management tools define and house an organization’s pay ranges, grades and salary bands to ensure fair, consistent pay practices.

Many solutions include functionality to configure performance-based compensation like commission rates, incentive plan rules, or bonuses tied to goal achievements.

Compensation software typically integrates with core payroll and HRIS systems to pass through approved salary changes and compensation adjustments seamlessly.