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Child care software is designed specifically for the child care industry to automate attendance and check-ins, track children’s development and learning progress, and facilitate communication between parents and teachers. These solutions offer a centralized platform to manage various operational aspects, from scheduling and billing to progress reports and documentation. By leveraging cloud-based technology and mobile devices, child care software aims to increase efficiency, parent engagement, and overall classroom management within child care centers and preschool programs.

Key Points:

  1. Child care software manages internal operations of child care centers and preschools, including scheduling, attendance, billing, and communication.
  2. Streamlines and centralizes operations on a single platform, increasing efficiency.
  3. Simplifies progress reports, invoicing, student profiles, and documentation.
  4. Enhances parent engagement and classroom management through technology and mobile devices.
  5. Cloud-based solutions, integrating with accounting, student information systems, and visitor management.


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FAQs of Child Care Software

Child care software is a computer program that helps child care centers, daycares, and preschools manage their business operations. It allows them to track attendance, billing, staff-to-child ratios, and more.

The software allows staff to easily record when children arrive and depart each day using a computer, tablet or phone. Parents can even use coded door entries to sign kids in and out.

Yes, the software makes it easier to create staff schedules and track employee hours, time off requests, and required staff-to-child ratios based on enrollments.

Absolutely. The software manages the entire enrollment process from waitlists to registration paperwork. Parents can submit forms and pay deposits digitally.

Most child care apps allow staff to share photos, messages, alerts and daily reports with parents about their child’s day through the app.