Best Application Performance Monitoring Software

Selecting the right application performance monitoring (APM) tool requires evaluating vendors against both technical capabilities and business needs. Key assessment criteria include:

  • Depth of platform visibility and telemetry
  • Analytics and automated remediation
  • Support for cloud-native architectures
  • Ease of deployment and maintenance
  • Customizable dashboards and reporting
  • Pricing and total cost of ownership

In this guide, we profile leading APM solutions to help match specific organizational requirements to product strengths. We provide an overview of critical monitoring coverage along with platform pricing/packaging details. Additionally, included software demo links allow seeing the tools in action before purchase. With multiplying options, identifying the ideal APM for your tech stack and use cases amid can simplify gaining application visibility.


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FAQs of Application Performance Monitoring Software

APM software tracks and analyzes the performance of applications to ensure they meet performance standards.

APM helps businesses identify and resolve issues affecting application performance, ensuring smooth user experience and maximizing productivity.

APM software monitors metrics like response time, latency, error rates, throughput, and resource utilization to gauge application performance.

APM software uses various monitoring techniques, including code instrumentation, transaction tracing, and log analysis, to detect performance issues and pinpoint their root causes.

Yes, many APM solutions offer support for monitoring applications deployed on both on-premises infrastructure and cloud environments.