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API security solutions protect sensitive data flowing through internal and external API connections. Key capabilities:

  • Discovering all APIs, including shadow APIs
  • Monitoring API traffic and performance
  • Enforcing authentication, authorization, and encryption
  • Testing for vulnerabilities and policy compliance
  • Integrating API security into development workflows
  • Continuous auditing and risk analysis

Robust API security provides visibility into API usage, locks down access, and validates security controls. This is essential for managing risk across the expanding API landscape. Purpose-built solutions surpass basic API management platforms to deliver proactive security tailored to API channels. For comprehensive governance and protection of API-driven services, specialized API security is critical.


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FAQs of API Security Software

API security software safeguards application programming interfaces (APIs) from unauthorized access, data breaches, and cyber threats.

Ensuring API security prevents sensitive data leaks, protects against cyberattacks, maintains compliance, and upholds user trust in applications.

API security software employs authentication, authorization, encryption, and monitoring techniques to verify user identities, control access, and secure data transmission.

Look for features like access controls, encryption, threat detection, authentication methods, audit trails, and comprehensive API monitoring capabilities.

Yes, API security software is designed to integrate seamlessly with various applications, platforms, and infrastructure, ensuring compatibility and ease of implementation.