Best Account Based Marketing Software

ABM platforms enable B2B marketers and sales teams to execute targeted account-based campaigns at scale. Key capabilities include:

  • Centralized account selection using 1st and 3rd party data
  • Multi-channel engagement via display ads, social ads, email, website personalization
  • Sales activation through account insights and enablement
  • Campaign reporting and optimization

By unifying account data, ABM platforms help identify and engage key buying team members with relevant messaging across channels. This facilitates tailored outreach to accelerate sales cycles. Core platform functionality involves account list building, audience activation, sales alignment, and campaign analytics. ABM platforms are essential for orchestrating coordinated, account-centric campaigns across marketing and sales.


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FAQs of Account Based Marketing Software

ABM software platforms are designed to help B2B marketers execute coordinated campaigns and sales plays customized for targeted accounts. Key features include account selection/prioritization, multichannel orchestration, account-level reporting, and integration with CRM and marketing automation systems.

While marketing automation excels at broad lead generation programs, ABM software is purpose-built to align sales and marketing efforts toward high-value accounts. It leverages insights to engage accounts across multiple touchpoints.

Benefits include increased account engagement, more relevant messaging, unified account experiences, better measurement of account-level program impact, and tighter alignment between marketing and sales teams.

Showcase how the platform will align teams under shared account goals. Demonstrate how data centralization provides a complete account view. Start with a pilot focused on key accounts to prove value before expanding the program.

Key steps include integrating with existing marketing/sales tech stacks, importing account lists, building targeted campaigns, configuring account-based reports, and developing processes to enable coordinated account engagement.